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LizaBelle's Event Planning and Consulting, Founder, Mia McQueen was given a gift at an early age. A gift that she would use to transform dreams into realities.  This innovative and strategic professional is committed to providing exceptional event management services for desired outcomes. 


LizaBelle's Event Planning and Consulting believes building long lasting relationships with our clients is of the utmost importance to success. We believe relationships with our clients are strengthened as we partner and share our process of creating memorable experiences.


LizaBelle's Event Planning and Consulting provides professional guidance, consulting, and full service event management to anyone with a dream or vision.   


LizaBelle's Event Planning and Consulting platform makes it easy to unleash the creative being inside of everyone. We believe in your dreams and visions.  So choose LizaBelle's Event Planning and Consulting TODAY and let’s make incredible dreams come true.






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